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Bridging the Capital Access Gap for Diverse Founders & Funds

The lack of diversity in venture capital means incredible business ideas are often overlooked. Explore the challenges faced by diverse entrepreneurs and founders in raising and accessing capital, and dive into the barriers, implicit biases, and stereotypes hindering funding for underrepresented talent. Hear from those helping to bridge that gap, working to create a thriving venture ecosystem that accelerates diversity, social equity, and impactful economic outcomes.

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Technology's Impact on Social Equity & Economic Empowerment

By emphasizing the importance of expanding economic opportunities, this topic advocates for a society in which everyone has equitable access to quality care, education, and employment opportunities. Learn how digital tech innovation is being used to enhance and optimize modern family life, shape the future of education and work, and pave the way for inclusive solutions that empower humans across their lifetimes.

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Food Revolution & Climate Change: Nourishing a Sustainable Future in Food & Agriculture

The negative externalities linked to food and farming have contributed directly towards a warming climate, higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere, and the degradation of biodiversity. Discuss the corporate pledge for Net-Zero and implications for the food and farming sector. By leveraging AI, food tech companies can become more efficient, sustainable and innovative, ultimately benefitting consumers, businesses and the environment. Understand areas of new opportunity and disruptions to current business models as innovative technologies are charting the future of food.

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Summit Welcome

The Katz Amsterdam Foundation and Crestone Capital are proud to present a thought-provoking summit designed for private market investors, fund managers, impact company Founders/CEOs and thought leaders. This gathering brings together a curated group of individuals to explore and discuss the current state of impact investing and how private market investors are engaging with the growing momentum in this space.

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Reshaping the Future of Mental Health & Wellbeing

There is a need for comprehensive changes in the field of mental health and addiction, and we are in the early stages of a multi-decade transformation of how we address mental wellbeing. Examine existing disparities and challenges faced by underserved populations in accessing quality care. Discuss how a combination of public awareness and a shift in stigma can help reverse the crisis, while identifying the promising areas of research and opportunity for investment, leveraging the power of digital technologies to advance solutions.

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Leveraging Venture Capital for Climate Solutions & Climate Justice

Society is at a tipping point on prioritizing climate change, while momentum in climate tech investing reflects a growing recognition of the urgent need to address environmental challenges and drive sustainable innovations. Spend time with two stalwarts in the industry to explore the intersection and lifecycle of venture investing across the climate ecosystem. When does the venture model work, what's gone wrong in the past, and what is different today? What does an equitable climate transition look like?

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Practical Realities of Impact Investing: Implementation, Measurement, & Financial Returns

Fund managers continue to face an uphill battle in convincing many investors that impact can be achieved alongside competitive financial returns. The concept that impact investing has historically been associated with concessionary returns hinders the growth of the field, particularly in the private equity and venture space. Learn about the impact market landscape and investable opportunity set, trends, tailwinds, and challenges around measurement and reporting, and ultimately how to build a portfolio from ideation to implementation--to deliver both strong financial and impact outcomes.

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